Honest Oil Monomax

Offered exclusively as part of the Honest Oil range, Monomax offers a range of desirable outcomes for food service operations such as restaurants, clubs and takeaways. Monomax is designed to achieve a far longer frying life than commonly-used deep frying mediums such as Cottonseed Oil, while containing a much lower level of saturated fat.

Monomax offers outcomes that, until now, have been available only through the use of Hi-Oleic Oils. Combined with its long frying life, it has a light flavour profile and gives fried food a desirable, crunchy texture. It may be used at frying temperatures up to 190°C, but still outlasts the frying life of most other vegetable oils. Oil that lasts longer means less dumping of fryers and less storage of waste oil.

Honest Oil Monomax is available now from your Honest Oil distributor.