New Confectionery Product - Shellglaze SSPA

In keeping with the planned expansion of Masterol Foods’ Australian-designed and manufactured range of confectionery glazing agents and processing aids for Australian candy and chocolate manufacturers, we are pleased to announce the release of Shellglaze SSPA, a glazing agent designed for use in panning of sugar confectionery such as jelly beans.

Shellglaze SSPA is a soft paste which offers a number of advantages when compared to products commonly used in sugar panning such as atomised Carnauba Wax powders. Advantages include faster throughput and a reduction of fine powders in the air which are associated with WHS issues and accumulation of wax on nearby surfaces and equipment.

Shellglaze SSPA adds to Masterol Foods’ existing range of confectionery glazing agents and release agents which includes products for a wide range of confectionery applications. Shellglaze SSPA is available in 17.5 kg pails. Contact us for further information.

Jellybean Glazing agent