Pan Release Agents

Pan release agents are designed to ensure clean and consistent release of bakery products from pans, tins, sheets and trays. Our range covers the entire spectrum of bakery products, from yeast-raised to cakes, pies, pastry, biscuits and bars. Applications also include a wide range of high sugar content products beyond typical bakery items.

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EVO Blend

Masterol is pleased to announce the release of EVO Blend – a new premium quality Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Canola Oil blend which is suitable for use in a range of food manufacturing and food service applications.

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Low Fat Outcomes

Masterol is pleased to advise its continuing R&D work in the area of lower fat outcomes for a wide range of baked goods including traditionally high fat products such as cakes and muffins.

Masterol Muffin Shortenings are designed to offer excellent volume, softness and crumb texture, while allowing manufacturers to implement lower fat outcomes across their entire range of products.

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