Valley Pride Fluid Shortenings

The Valley Pride range of shortenings offers results which feature a traditional flavour and texture while achieving significant reductions in saturated fat and overall fat content. Valley Pride shortenings rapidly mix into the dry ingredients, resulting in an even distribution throughout the flour and an overall reduction in the level of shortening used. Products include VegeLite, MaxiVol, DohFresh and WonderWhip.

Valley Pride VegeLite
VegeLite is suitable for use in a wide range of bakery products including pie bottoms, quiche bases, biscuits and cookies.

Valley Pride MaxiVol
MaxiVol is a fluid shortening developed for use in cakes and muffins, and is also suitable for banana breads and fruit cakes.

Valley Pride DohFresh
DohFresh is a fluid bread shortening which offers extended shelf life and superior loaf quality. Suitable for standard loaves, artisan loaves, fruit loaves and bread rolls.

Valley Pride WonderWhip
WonderWhip is a creaming shortening developed for use in high quality mock cream and icing which features excellent volume and stability. Product options include Palm Oil Free and E Number Free.


Valley Pride Low Fat Shortenings