Cottonseed Oil

Cottonseed Oil is extracted from seeds produced by some varieties of the cotton plant. Cotton is a major crop in America, India, Pakistan, and Turkey, with China being the world’s largest producer.

Product Characteristics
Cottonseed Oil is high in polyunsaturated fatty acids and contains a moderate level of saturates. It is also high in tocopherols (Vitamin E). Vegetable oils with a lower level of saturates (e.g. Canola, Sunflower) are used in most culinary applications except deep frying, where Cottonseed Oil is a popular choice.

Uses & Applications
Cottonseed Oil is most commonly used as a deep frying medium. Many food service operators praise the aroma, colour and texture it imparts on deep-fried food. It is also suitable for industrial deep frying applications.

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Note: Under normal circumstances, an MOQ of 8 x 20 litres applies to all orders

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Product is offered in a range of pack sizes including 10 and 20 litre / kg packs, 205 litre drums and 1000 litre IBC and Pallecon. The product type and usage conditions often play a part in determining the appropriate pack size and type for a given application. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Bulk delivery of vegetable oils is available, dependent upon logistics factors including order quantity and delivery area.