Speedigloss products are opaque, aqueous solutions consisting of polysaccharides, sugar syrup, food grade preservatives and a specially selected vegetable fat. They are designed for use in chocolate panning where a water based glazing and polishing agent is required.

Speedigloss products offer consistent results in a wide range of operating conditions. In particular, they are tolerant of humid conditions and manufacturing environments where close control of temperature and humidity are not possible.

Through a clever balance of synergistic ingredients, Speedigloss products offer high quality results across a broad range of product shapes, types and sizes. Usage rates depend on the existing process requirements in place in a given manufacturing environment.

Speedigloss products are designed for use in conjunction with Liquicote precoating agents and Shellglaze sealants.

SpeediglossChocolate Polishing AgentChocolate Glazing Agent

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Product is offered in a range of pack sizes including 10 and 20 litre / kg packs, 205 litre drums and 1000 litre IBC and Pallecon. The product type and usage conditions often play a part in determining the appropriate pack size and type for a given application. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.