Valley Pride WonderWhip

Valley Pride WonderWhip is a creaming shortening developed for use in high quality mock cream and icing which features excellent volume and stability. Product options include Palm Oil Free and E Number Free. Mock cream and icing made with WonderWhip has a light texture and mouth feel as well as a clean flavour with no greasy aftertaste. Combined, these characteristics provide a point of distinction for sweet bakery products which feature cream or icing. Due to the use of natural colour, mock cream made with WonderWhip features the enticing appearance of real dairy cream. WonderWhip is suitable for vegetarian applications because it is based on 100% vegetable oils.

Key Benefits

  • Light texture and mouth feel
  • Clean flavour – no fatty aftertaste
  • Natural colour yields a product with a rich appearance
  • Excellent volume and stability
  • Tolerant of high water content – potential for lower fat and lower cost
  • Virtually zero trans fat
  • Based on 100% vegetable oil
  • A point of distinction for your products

About Valley Pride Fluid Shortenings

The Valley Pride range of shortenings offers results which feature a traditional flavour and texture while achieving significant reductions in saturated fat and overall fat content. Crafted with a high level of innovation, Valley Pride shortenings help your products to stand out from the crowd.

WonderWhip Creaming Shortening


Product is offered in a range of pack sizes including 10 and 20 litre / kg packs, 205 litre drums and 1000 litre IBC and Pallecon. The product type and usage conditions often play a part in determining the appropriate pack size and type for a given application. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.