About Our Food Service Range

From humble fish and chips through to the most exquisite fine dining, Masterol understands the issues faced by chefs and employees in the hospitality and food service industries.

Honest Oil's innovative packaging and delivery systems complement its top quality vegetable oils and mean Honest Oil offers the best outcome in terms of quality, performance, price and convenience.

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Honest Oil

monomaxThe Honest Oil range, including Hi-Oleic Sunflower, Sunflower, Monomax, Cottonseed and Canola is built on the premise that if you provide a top quality product at a fair price, the product will sell itself.

Honest Oil can be found at a wide range of food distributors. Honest Oil works with local oil recyclers to provide a used oil storage tank and collection service.

With the technical support of Masterol Foods, the Honest Oil range is backed by over 40 years of knowledge and expertise in the food industry.

For more information please visit www.honestoil.com.au